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Living by the sea was one of those dreams resting from behind, waiting quietly at the end of the room.
If it were to become real, I imagined it as an old man, contemplating the swinging waves while going over my life.
Well, my Old Soul decided the time had arrived. 
Dreams should be taken care of and opportunities should be seized when the energy enables them.
Unexpectedly, at the age of 34, I am now waking up with sound of the waves and the smell of salt in my lips.
I placed my keyboard facing a window that shows me the immensity of the ocean, and I play searching for the hidden rhythm behind the 


apparent asymmetry of the waves crashing the rocks. Every afternoon, the seagulls fly across this window. 
I love how the first time was a beautiful surprise, amazed by such an event, and as days gone by,

it became part of my routine.

5pm  “Now come the seagulls!” I like creating little habits that enhance my own intimate relationship with nature and with Life in all its dimensions. So I went further and decided to dedicate the seagulls a melody every time I saw them.

A melody just for them.  It was my humble offering in retribution for making each afternoon magical and unique.  I would play it only in their presence.
Gavina is the name Catalans give the seagulls.
This is my gift to you, Gavina.

May your wings take you always were your Soul decides to go, 
May my Soul be reminded with this song, of  such freedom and joy.


visits Iceland.

My trip to Iceland had ended.
I could not ask for more gifts and blessings from this generous

and magical land.
It was Sunday and IDNO Hall was really busy. Nevertheless,

Patrik Ontkovic, a filmmaker and photographer I had met the day before accepted my idea of making a spontaneous take on the piano.

I started improvising, playing what came from Above, when I heard the seagulls singing outside the theatre. That´s where I started playing a melody I had been composing in my home in Catalunya, Spain, inspired by the seagulls that fly across

my window every afternoon.

"Gavina" means "seagull" in Catalán. 

I am grateful for Iceland and the beautiful people that inhabit it. 
I am grateful for Patrik Ontkovic and his fine eye.
I am grateful for my home by the sea in Spain, and the singing seagulls

who fill with poetry my everyday rituals.

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