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I am not Olec Mün.
This is just a name.

I AM the one sitting behind, witnessing my days.
I AM the one observing my fingers dancing on the piano.
I AM the one listening to the melodies that arise from within and from beyond.

Olec Mün is my captain suit.
Music is the ocean.
The piano is the boat that will take me to the other side. 

The other side lies Within, it is a place of no place, a time of no time. 

This journey is a commitment to my Self, a certainty of unfolding a never-ending mystery which each note I play.

Welcome to my world.



Born in Argentina, in 1985.

Studied piano, jazz and harmony with professors such as Nicolás Guerschberg, Francisco Sicilia, Guillermo Romero and Paula Suarez.


During his twenties he visited India and Africa, where he got immersed in their culture and felt a strong calling to approach music from a premodern perspective, which consists of considering music as a functional tool to connect with the invisible world, and not only as an entertainment discipline.

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