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I will tell you my story briefly:

My four grandparents were exiled from Europe during the Second World War.
They survived, but most of their families could not make it, and where exterminated by the atrocities of the Nazi regime. 
My grandparents were able to start a new life in South America, where my parents met and I was born and raised.
Eighty years later, I decided to move back to Europe, being the first one of my family tree to come back to Europe with these intentions.


This physical and symbolic movement means a lot to me. 
So much that I decided to go all the way:
I have composed 4 pianos pieces, each dedicated to a grandparent: Richard, Dora, Freddy and Yetty.
I have also composed 4 movements, each being a stage of this journey: Exile, New Beginning, Calling, Reconciliation.
The whole project is called “Reconciliation” and I will be playing the concert firstly in my grandparents hometowns, and secondly I will spread It all over Europe, and why not, the entire globe. 

This is my way of healing the wounds that the war has left in my family and me.
It is my way of illuminating the bond that ties me to this beautiful continent, restoring trust and honouring my roots.
It is my way of calling for unity and solidarity in this actual world where misconceptions of separation and fear arise once again.


Vinyl Crowdfunding campaign

Help us make our dream come true. After this crazy 2020 where all our plans of touring were posponed we decided to print a limited edition of Reconciliation vinyls. For this we have created a crowdfunding campaign for you to participate and be part of this beautiful project.

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